Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another west side grocery store

As a former west-sider, I know the benefits of living on that side of town--better schools (Memorial and West), homes that aren't run-down or 100 years old, better layout (e.g. not dependent on one street--East Washington--to go anywhere), and the list goes on.

Now as another slap in the face to the east side, Hy-Vee grocery store will open in 2010 at Westgate Mall, right across the street from Copps. Not too far away, Sentry is across from another Copps, and Woodman's is a block away from Sam's and Wal-Mart.

Meanwhile, on the east side, there are just a handful of grocery stores. If you're not shopping at Woodman's East, then where the hell are you shopping? (Hy-Vee wants to open a second location in the former K-Mart, but another grocery store proposal failed a few years back.)

Basically, I find it amusing that another grocery story is coming to the west side. A better use of that space: Crate and Barrel, Champp's, Dave and Buster's, etc.

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happy not to be a west-sider said...

Your attitude being a former west-sider thinking you are so much better than everyone else, make me so PROUD to be an EAST-SIDER. We do seem to get around the east side just fine Milwaukee St., Johnson, Gorham, HWY 30, Stoughton Rd etc. At least we don't have all the crime ridden neighborhoods you west-sider's like to avoid and claim are not your side of town Allied Dr, Wexford Ridge, Hammersley, Schroeder Rd. Keep your grocery stores (we have Copps, Sentry, Cubs, Pierces, Wal-mart, Aldi), and your better than thou attitude on the west side! If you would have an open mind you could see all the east side has to offer, there are plenty of nice NEW homes, good neighborhoods,good schools, restaurants, parks, farmers markets, block parties, and NICE PEOPLE :)