Thursday, March 12, 2009

Parking rates increase again

Madison is raising its parking rates again. Downtown meters, for example, will increase from $1.25/hour to $1.50/hour. I'm not surprised by this action, given how poorly the city is run, especially in regards to all financial matters. It would be easier to swallow if:

1) We had better public transit options--namely, light rail, which could transport people from one side of town to another. Obviously, we are still years away from this.
2) The meters took credit cards. Who the hell carries that much change all the time? Two summers ago Madison experimented with meters that took credit cards, but so far the city has not indicated it will make them permanent.

I worry for downtown businesses, as most don't have parking lots. Hopefully the increased meter and ramp prices don't deter would-be diners, drinkers and shoppers too much.

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