Friday, February 6, 2009

Don't raise parking rates

An article in the Wisconsin State Journal today reported the city's Parking Utility is proposing increases in fees of all meters and parking ramps. Our rates are already high enough. This is Madison, Wis., a city of 200,000, not Chicago or even Milwaukee.

The PU wants to raise meters from $1.25/hr to $1.50/hr, and ramps such as Government East (next to the Great Dane) from $1.10/hr to $1.40/hr. If the City Parking and Transit Commission is wise, they will vote this down.

Downtown businesses are hurting, and raising fares will drive away potential customers. Doesn't the city already make enough money on the myriad of parking tickets they hand out? Those parking enforcers often wait on expiring meters (jackasses).

Perhaps if we had a better public transit system, such as light rail from Middleton to the airport/Sun Prairie, we could swallow this increase. But in today's economy, this hurts.

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