Friday, August 3, 2007

Mayor's Shortsightedness

Many Madison residents know Mayor Dave Cieslewicz's ideal city doesn't work with reality. Examples:

1. Building Madison's Central Park. It's nice to fix up that desolate area, but the cost of having the train tracks moved, plus the fact that every other park in the city needs dire maintenance, makes this a bad use of money.
2. Before the section of East Washington Avenue closest to the Capitol went under construction, Mayor Dave wanted the streets narrowed (i.e. fewer lanes). Are you fucking kidding? Has he ever seen all the traffic on that street?
3. The management of the Overture Center and Goodman Pool has been a joke.
4. His stubborness for the trolley almost made us lose our chance for federal funding for light rail.

The new item-du-jour is the mayor's comments on ATC's proposed power line route in Dane County. ATC's top choice is along the Beltline, to which the mayor responded, "If we build (the transmission line) along the Beltline and we need to expand the Beltline but we can't ... that's going to create more pressure for a new southerly Beltline. Then the question becomes: would you rather have a power line along that route or a new six-lane highway?"

Once again, he juxtaposes an issue to mask another. Mayor Dave would NEVER allow the Beltline to expand to six lanes because he's against cars and urban sprawl. Plus, how the hell could the Beltline be expanded anyways? The mayor's shortsightedeness is atrocious. Look at the Minneapolis bridge collapse and the levees in New Orleans. Will it take a brown out of Dane County for him to realize we need these lines, and that the Beltline poses the least disturbance to homeowners' properties?

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