Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Glad Target got approved

Kristin Czubkowski of the Capital Times wrote an intriguing piece titled "Target at Hilldale gets approved in one of the shortest City Council meetings ever." It says that Tuesday's City Council meeting took only 20 minutes and that the proposed Target at Hilldale was approved. Some thoughts:

1) City Council meetings should be fast! When they run into the wee hours of the morning, as they're notoriously known to do, it keeps citizens from participating in the process.
2) Congrats to Target--it will make a fine addition to Hilldale. I'm sure the City Council and the neighborhood assocation feel pretty good about themselves that they got something down their way. This just proves that developers unfortunately have to let the baby have its bottle; in other words, you pretty much have to make the aldermen and residents feel like they're king because they're on such big ego trips. If it wasn't so hard to build in Madison, places like the near east side (E. Washington from Blair to First) wouldn't be so dilapidated.

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