Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What will the IOC do?

The International Olympics Committee is definitely unpredictable, as described. Look at a few years ago when it picked London--nowhere near considered the favorite--for the 2012 games? (What the hell did Tony Blair do when he met with IOC officials in his hotel suite?)

The prevailing theory is that Brazil and Chicago are the favorites. Why? South America has never played host to the Olympics, and Brazil would be a nice start as it builds toward becoming a superpower (along with Russia, India and China). Chicago is a favorite because it is a "safe" bet, as America always is.

I'm not sure why Madrid is not a favorite, and Tokyo is not supposedly because Beijing just had the Olympics.

I don't think Brazil will get it because it is already playing host to the World Cup, perhaps a more important event to the country. Madrid does not have the appeal that Barcelona does, and Tokyo just picked the wrong year. Go Chicago!

Here's an AP article that explains the agonizing decision process of the IOC.

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