Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crocs are Ugly

I'm sure you've seen those shoes: they're plastic, toy-like and full of holes. When I see people in Madison wearing them, I want to ask: "HAVE YOU GIVEN UP ON EVER BEING FASHIONABLE AGAIN?" Seriously, they are so ugly and ridiculous looking that I can't imagine what a person's mindset is when they put them on their feet.

I'm not alone in my hatred for Crocs. Check out:

I highly recommend reading this article on Crocs. Some highlights:

--"the ratio of shame to comfort was extreme"

--an "early Croc-adopter reports that when she went to her daughter's school dressed in Crocs, the kids all wanted to know why she wore 'clown shoes'"

--"'When it comes to shoes, people mistake comfort for support. Comfort is fool's gold—a soft gushy shoe that makes your arches collapse'"

--"'Uggs [a fad] I can make an argument for. Jellies [another fad] also had their moment of being cute and cool. Crocs [just a fad?] are just a pox.'"

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